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College of Dentistry SHARING Clinic Fund

College of Dentistry SHARING Clinic Fund

The SHARING (Students' Health Alliance Reaching Indigent Needy Groups) Clinic is a student-run, faculty-supported health resource for underserved residents in our area who desperately need oral health care services; this fund (expendable, not endowed) provides resources for the dental college's SHARING Clinic.

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Brook Jobes

Brook Jobes

College of Dentistry
402-458-1183 direct
800-432-3216 toll free
Brook’s fundraising efforts are focused on the University of Nebraska’s College of Dentistry. A native of Grand Island, Brook earned a Bachelor of Science degree with a secondary education major from the University of Nebraska–Lincoln. Prior to joining the University of Nebraska Foundation in 2016, Brook worked in the fields of athletic recruitment and healthcare.
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