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The Buffett Early Childhood Institute Graduate Scholars Fund

The Buffett Early Childhood Institute Graduate Scholars fellowship program provides support to advanced doctoral students conducting research concerning the education, development, and well-being of young children. The Graduate Scholars program grows out of the work of the Buffett Early Childhood Institute’s four-campus mission focused on applied research, training/professional development, outreach, and policy concerning young children at risk. Just as the Institute is cross-disciplinary and cross-campus, the fellowship program is intended to reach across traditional higher education boundaries to include all those who may have an impact on the lives of young children. The Buffett Institute wants to support the best research and practice from such diverse fields as health, education, social work, music, art, and others. Multi-disciplinary research and practice—particularly from disciplines not typically associated with the field of early childhood—and new methodologies are encouraged. These projects are intended to further the mission of the Institute while supporting the best scholars and research programs across campuses.

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Rosemary Edzie

Rosemary Edzie

Buffett Early Childhood Institute
402-502-4115 direct
800-432-3216 toll free
Rosemary earned her bachelor's degree in psychology from the University of Massachusetts Amherst, master's degree in education, leadership and social policy from Loyola University, and PhD in education administration from UNL. Rosemary is passionate about education, in particular educational access and early childhood education.
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