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Nebraska Legends Scholarship and Recruitment Fund

Nebraska Legends Scholarship and Recruitment Fund

Nebraska’s future beings now — with every current and future student on a University of Nebraska campus. Our Students, Our Future — an initiative to raise $200 million by the end of 2017 — aims to positively impact those students and our state’s future by providing scholarships and programs in the most positive way.

Our Students, Our Future will help make a University of Nebraska education more accessible to Nebraska’s greatest resource — its students. Through this initiative, the University of Nebraska will continue to transform education, producing a more qualified and ready workforce that forms our next generation of leaders.

Enhancing direct student support is crucial to UNL’s efforts to recruit the best and brightest students. Academic and recruiting programs like the Nebraska Legends Recruitment and Scholarship program draw students’ attention to Nebraska and help them succeed once they get here. Your support of this program enhances recruitment in Nebraska and all over the United States — anywhere students are ready and willing to share their talents, excel in studies and apply their knowledge to real-world challenges. 

As a proud member of the Big Ten and a top 50-ranked public university, UNL’s energy and momentum is accelerating. Your support will help UNL recruit top students and provide students opportunities to impact our world and our future. 

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