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CSIS Friends and Alumni Scholarship in Honor of Marilyn Jussel

CSIS Friends and Alumni Scholarship in Honor of Marilyn Jussel

In 2001, the CSIS Department established a scholarship fund to honor the contributions of Dr. Marilyn Jussel, Professor Emeritus. Two examples of Dr. Jussel's contributions include: 1) In the 1980s, Dr. Jussel worked under a grant with Apple Corp. to help teachers learn to implement computers in their classrooms. She drove a school bus with 15 computers, unloading them at the sites she traveled for workshops; 2) In the 1990s, she helped establish workshops for middle-school girls to learn more about math and science. Your contribution to this fund would enable UNK to compete for highly qualified and deserving CS/IT students and is also a great way to recognize all of the contributions Dr. Jussel has made to the education of young people.

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