Article - Anything look different

Anything look different?

Anything look different?

Updated site brings many new improvements.

Posted: Thu, Jun 27, 2013

Yes, something has changed, a lot of somethings have changed. We know nobody likes change but we hope these changes were for the better. 

Our visitors spoke and we listened, it was past time to make some updates. 

It started at making it easier to give on the site. We have so many amazing areas to support across the four campuses that our old site had some problems. Namely, the need to click a whole bunch of times to get where you were going.

We still have a lot of areas and you certainly could spend a lot of time clicking. But we created some shortcuts that should really speed up the process, especially if you've already made a gift on our site. 

We also made it easier to read our amazing stories. For one, they are front and center now, you can't help but read them. We also made some much-needed improvements in the way you engage in conversations about the stories, making it much easier to participate in the discussion. 

We made dozens, maybe hundreds, of improvements to the site but we saved one of the bigger ones for last. Now you can visit the site from whatever device you feel like using, whether it be your desktop computer, iPad or even cell phone, it just works. 

Please, have a look around. We hope you love it! Feel free to leave a comment below, love it or hate it, we want to hear from you.


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